Win one of five copies of Making Time for Making Music

Many of us think making music is what we did when we learned an instrument at home or at school, or when we sang in the youth chorus. And, while it was enjoyable at the time, our instruments and sheet music now gather dust in basements or attics. But in fact, as Amy Nathan’s Making Time for Making Music book reveals, more and more boxes are being unpacked and instruments are finding new life in the hands of owners who are returning to music in large numbers, along with others who are bravely discovering music for the first time later in life, as seen in an increase from 10 to 15 percent in all adult students at community arts schools from 2009 to 2013, and a doubling of students age 65 and over during that same period.

Making Time for Making Music offers a gift that can help adults find ways to make music part of their lives. The first of its kind, it is filled with real-life success stories from more than 350 adults who manage to fit music making into their jam-packed schedules. By day, they may be engineers, business consultants, school teachers, software developers, hairstylists, lawyers, or doctors, but after hours – or as retirement provides more time – they are musicians, composers, singers, and conductors – adding the richness and joy so many have said music gives. Making Time for Making Music shares their unique paths and features advice from music educators, health-care professionals and researchers who point out that making music is good for your health.

Prize: Win one of five copies of Making Time for Making Music

End Date: 7/31/2018

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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