Win one of five copies of (Serious) New Cook

Serious New Cook

(Serious) New Cook is the first cookbook to usher a new generation of sophisticated young adult eaters into the kitchen, whose palates have raced ahead of their cooking abilities and are ready to master making the foods they love.

The authors, Leah (formerly of Chez Panisse) and Cammie (food writer and professor at NYU), are sisters and the idea stemmed from Leah’s teenage nephew (Cammie’s son) being frustrated with the current crop of cookbooks that didn’t really address his current culinary aptitude. So, who better than your food writer mom and acclaimed chef aunt to write the book for you and your friends?

The recipes are organized into 23 trios, with one core recipe that introduces a technique or concept, followed by two additional recipes that further exemplify the technique or concept. Stunning photos accompany every recipe, including step-by-step photos for the first recipe in every trio, which show readers what each step should look like as they cook. And, unlike other cookbooks that offer a “cooking school” section that most readers never use, (Serious) New Cook builds the lessons and tips into the recipes—it’s like having a chef explaining things as you cook. Readers not only learn to cook each dish, but become more knowledgeable, deeply skilled cooks in the process.

Perfect for young adults who have been influenced by food TV, food bloggers, food-related social media, cookbooks featuring global content, and the rise of international cuisine everywhere in America!


Win one of five copies of (Serious) New Cook


End Date: January 30,  2023

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