Win one of four Kangaroo Oral Prize Packs

Every parent knows the struggles of getting their child to brush properly. From tantrums about brushing, to getting your children to brush long enough, and toothpaste EVERYWHERE – it’s enough to make you crazy! That’s why professional nurse Jaime Frand created the Kangaroo Oral Care system…to help make brushing easier for his patients and his own children.

Kangaroo Oral Care is more than just a toothbrush. It’s an all-in-one oral hygiene teaching tool. We’ve combined a variety of features into one convenient and kid-friendly package to help make brushing easy and fun for children of all ages.  Kangaroo Oral Care not only helps your child brush, it also helps teach proper oral hygiene habits that will keep their mouths healthy their whole life and give them healthy, happy smiles!

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Kangaroo Oral Care All-In-One Children’s Manual Toothbrush (two pack, green or pink, $24.99 value each)

End Date:  1/31/2020

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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