Win one of two MOON Ultra Lights

The Moon UltraLight is a portable lighting gadget controlled by touch offering users the ability to say goodbye to “bad lighting” as this device is designed to brighten and enhance photos/videos.  Now capturing images/videos from events like that special Mother’s Day brunch at Grandma’s where you introduced your boyfriend to the family or that yearly summer potluck you started are now that much easier with this simple, user-friendly attachable gadget. For reference, below are some key specs and details on the product:


  • Portable & Adaptable: Fits all phones, tablets and laptops
  • Power Optimized & Rechargeable: Always bright no matter how much battery is left
  • Available in New Moon (Gloss Black) and Full Moon (Gloss White)
  • Available online for sale: here
  • Priced at $49.99
Prize: Win one of  two MOON Ultra Lights

End Date:  7/31/2020

Eligibility: USA

Frequency: Daily

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