Top Ten Responses to Dr. Fauci being called Sexy

Okay, there’s a big movement going around talking about how sexy Fauci is with how he presents himself.  At first, I thought it was a joke, but now I realized that there’s more than one woman in on it.  When he stands up at the press conferences, it seems that people like his calm demeanor.   But what makes this 79 year old such a GILF?  Who knew that GILF was a turn?

Why does he have to be married?  Did you know he runs like every morning?  I’m clearly stuck with so many questions and have SO many feelings!  I can’t handle all of these questions and feelings.

That said, here are my favorite reactions from the “Sexy Fauci movement”

10) Between a Corona fever or a sexy fauci fever, I’ll take sexy Fauci.


9) I’m now wondering how many ways and what those ways are.

8) I don’t think the chainsmoking is necessary.

7)You might have some issues, but it doesn’t change his hotness!

6)That’s quite spelled out!

5)This is extremely true!

4) I just googled GILF

3)This is true.

2)We should listen to him!

1)Nothing is sexier than educating the public!






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