Women sext more than men

A study has found that women are more likely to “sext” than men areᅠThe study drew its data from Ashley Madison, a service people use mainly for infidelity Data indicated that two-thirds of women surveyed had sent nude pictures of themselves via text compared to about half of the men surveyed “I know young men who are constantly getting naked pictures from women they know on their phones Theyメre constant!ヤ said Dr Diane Kolos Wysocki, a lead researcher on the study, to the While the sample size is hardly random, the results are still surprising Especially coupled with knowledge that since the advent of the internet nothing is really private anymore But maybe the disparity has more to do with the fact that women are less interested in receiving explicit photos “By nature, men are known to be visually stimulated, and women are definitely visually stimulated but are known to be turned on in a creative fantasy sense So, I would say stereotypically, men are more interested in receiving the photos” ᅠsaid Amy Levine, a sexuality educator, to