Yoga Berries


yoga berriesWhat if I told you I have been checking out products that will encourage your child to get outside and into a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe even in an activity they can share with their parent(s)?  This products are from Yoga Berries and my family and I have been enjoying a box of samples we received over the last few days.  Creator Valerie Pike is a yoga instructor, author and environmentalist and her products represent these.  I absolutely ADORE her “mommy and me” yoga pants available in beautiful and vibrant patterns and colors.  Honestly, the pants are so super soft and comfortable you will want to wear them all day.  Inspired by the pants, my daughter and I even tried the company’s “Rainforest Adventure Yoga DVD” which expertly combined yoga moves and breathing exercises with exotic animals and nature.  It was so nice to take some time away from work and social media!  Books and candles are also available for purchase; please explore their website:



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