Well tonight was eye opening….I received a cool sample of the wonderful ZeroWater 5-stage filtration system; the only system certified to actually reduce the lead and chromium that is entering our loved ones body.  Naturally as a mother I am always interested in trying something new that could make my family healthier.  I feel so comfortable knowing that this is really and meticulously filtering all the bad out of the water so my kids are only ingesting the best.

Right on the website ( you can pop your zip code in and test the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) where you live.  My town pulled a number of 83.14.  While this is considered a “typical level of contaminants” I still am relieved to know that my new pitcher is going to help rid us of piping, pesticides, fertilizers and other items.  The pitcher is completely BPA free and also rids us of a laundry list of contaminants at a much better rate than some of the competitors.  Within my TDS the filter should last for up to 25 gallons of water.  The pitcher will tell you when you are getting close to replacement; no worries at all!  Oh and the pitcher has a cool dispenser button on the opposite side for the kids to easily access in the fridge without bothering you every ten seconds.

It seems to be available in many chain locations near you as well as online retailers so it will be simple to replace the filters as you need them.  The pitcher is around $35 while a 2 pack of the filters is around $30.  I also have for work this great 26 oz tumbler also with the 5-stage filtration system that costs around $15 (2 pack of replacement filters for this cup cost around $13).  I know my family is totally worth splurging on this product and actually you may end of saving on the monies spent constantly purchasing disposable water bottles.