Editorial Guidelines

At Famadillo.com, which can be accessed through famadillo.com, we are committed to upholding our Editorial Standards, which are universally accepted and outlined below. These guidelines not only set the benchmark for Famadillo but also help us to achieve our vision and uphold our values in the industry.

Our values are based on the principles of ‘Freedom of Expression’ and ‘Public Interest.’ As creators of content, we understand the importance of the privilege we have in reaching our audience on the internet. Therefore, we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to act in the common interest and be accountable for the privilege we have been granted.

At Famadillo, we always strive to serve the public interest by creating content that is significant to our audience and being accountable to the public at large. Our journalistic standards seek to establish the truth and provide fair and accurate coverage. We are impartial and reflect the views and experiences of our content consumers, ensuring that our content includes a diverse range of opinions without any substantial element of thought being underrepresented. We are also independent of outside interests that could compromise our editorial integrity.

When exercising our freedom of expression, we are mindful of the potential harm to vulnerable groups, and we take appropriate measures to protect them. We hold people’s privacy in the highest regard and only report information that is in the public domain when it outweighs an individual’s “legitimate expectation of privacy.”

Furthermore, at Famadillo, we take our own photos, and our writers provide their opinions rather than simply rephrasing press releases. We go beyond the surface and add our thoughts and details to ensure that our content is unique and valuable to our readers. We also make sure to disclose when we receive products to review and note the correct Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.


Irrespective of being subject to a particular jurisdiction based on our origin, our legal accountability and standards shall be in sync with what is expected universally while respecting rights and obligations in the world of diverse legal and societal dynamics.


We strongly strive to secure the public’s trust by making a primary allegiance to the public through our transparent practices. Any personal or professional interests that conflict with that allegiance, whether in appearance or reality, risk compromising our credibility. We disclose to both our organization and the public any circumstances where our loyalties may be divided and recuse ourselves from related coverage. Under no circumstances do we twist our reporting for personal gain, to achieve our goals unethically.

It is important to regularly review how our affiliations, personal or at the organization level, are entangled with the themes of our reporting and when necessary, to take action. An apparent conflict shall always be disclosed, and, when presented with more pressing/blatant conflicts, we shall avoid them. We do not pursue journalism competitions or serve on award committees when groups that have an interest in influencing our coverage are sponsoring the honors.

To the extent that editorial content is made conceivable through the support of sponsors, that content shall be clearly marked as content “Affiliated” to the appropriate sponsor or shall have a distinct section on our website.



Famadillo obtains news and content from a diverse range of sources. We undertake stringent efforts to confirm the veracity of the information that is available in the world of the internet and social media, only then do we proceed to create content for the general public.

Our internal policies set the standards for creating content through sources. Famadillo shall always strive to provide content that is authentic, need of the hour, resourceful, etc. – sources play an important role in pursuing our goal of creating a reliable and thought-provoking experience for the consumers.

As much as selecting the right source providers is important, citing such sources is the hallmark of high-quality journalism. We have a thorough process for citing and crediting such sources when we do not deal with primary sources. Throughout this process, our ‘Editorial Leadership’ works closely with our content creators to produce quality content.

Plagiarism is the immoral act of replicating someone else’s prior ideas, processes, results, or words without explicit acknowledgement/prior authorisation of the original author and source. Plagiarism, being a cardinal sin of journalism, we at Famadillo strive to eliminate such a practice through our thorough internal policies and our bespoke ‘Quality Control’ mechanism.

Our Editorial team sets the standards for high-quality journalism through stringent processes to detect Plagiarism with the use of industry-leading tools and editorial evaluations. To achieve this, we diligently examine all material, whether submitted by external sources or internally generated through AI platforms like GPTZero, to guarantee accuracy, reliability, and relevance.


At Famadillo, we provide product reviews for general informational purposes only. The opinions expressed in our reviews are solely those of our writers and do not represent the views of any advertiser, company, affiliate, or group.

While we strive to provide accurate information, please note that we are not experts in any field and our opinions should not be considered a substitute for professional advice from qualified experts.

We want to clarify that the products provided for review do not influence the nature of our reviews. Our reviews are conducted independently, and we base them on our own writers’ opinions and thoughts.

Moreover, we never intend to harm or malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual with our content or opinions. We value our readers’ trust and aim to provide unbiased and informative product reviews.


When a group of writers is covering a story or a family, it will be listed under the respective family name. For example, if the Smith Family covers a story, it will be listed under the ‘Smith Family’ category.

Contests will be posted under the category ‘Famadillo.com Contests.’ Since contests do not have specific authors and are not considered news or review items, they will be centralized under this category for easy access.