Lifeway – Healthy Kefir and More

I just got handed a wonderful box of the best dairy out there.  Lifeway is the best in probiotics and as a person who has a sensitive stomach I was literally thrilled to put them to the test.

What is Kefir – a cultured milk smoothie that has a ton of vitamin D, calcium and protein.  It has a sort of tart/tangy flavor.  Probiotics are the good bacteria that helps support your immunity and better your digestive track.  Kefir is good for your overall health and your skin.  A simple 8 ounce serving contains 11 grams of protein.  The product is 99 percent lactose free (music to my ears)!  I feel like I am getting my very much needed calcium and I even think I have more energy.

What we have been trying:

Organic Grassfed Kefir: super rich and creamy made with certified organic full fat milk.  It is perfect for over cereal or put into smoothies.  My son drank it on it’s own was very happy with it!  It contains 12 live and active probiotic cultures /fiber/calcium and is gluten free and non-GMO.  We have a bottle of the vanilla but you can also get plain, strawberry and mango.

Farmer Cheese:  this is a reduced fat and low calorie soft cheese.  You can easily add it to many recipes for automatic richness added!  Again, you get your calcium, it is gluten free and full of protein and the live/active probiotics.  Last night I added a scoop to a pasta dish and it was just so delicious and creamy.  Recipes on their website also.

Probugs: a wonderful drinkable snack for your kids.  This is a delicious sweet and tangy great that both my picky eaters were happy to gobble up.  A great option for the car by the way if you have all the car pools and activities we have in this house.  Great immune benefits for them also as we all go back to school in these still kind of scary times.  Flavors include lime, orange, berry and strawberry (we have the berry and love it).

Probiotic Mini Smoothies: ok these we were actually fighting over.  These are 3.5 ounce bottles that is a great way to get in your protein, calcium and probiotic cultures.  Very delicious (tart/tangy/sweet).  I love the strawberry but you can also get mixed berry, strawberry banana and more.

You can buy these items online and also at your local supermarkets.  Add these to your back to school shopping list!