5 Great Spa Stocking Stuffers

We are getting to that holiday shopping time and my favorite is the stocking stuffers.  Check out a few we are all loving right now for this year!

Clean Age: This is a great company for your teenager.  They offer amazing deodorant and tooth brushes (I know super weird combo but you will LOVE them).  The deodorant comes in 4 options (fresh, waves, citrus and unscented).  Citrus is AMAZING by the way.  Each are $12.99 and chemical free.  No aluminum, no baking soda; just everyday ingredients that you use anyhow like coconut oil, jojoba and vitamin E.  Oh; and the container is 90% paper and 100% recyclable.  Ok; now onto their bamboo toothbrush sets.  These are amazing quality that helps eliminate the tons of plastic thrown away each year.  $8.00 for a set of two.

ZenTyme Luxury Shower Steamers: so this brand is 100% awesome in the world of self-care.  The ingredients are 100% natural and the good stuff I personally love like lavender, sweet almond, green tea extract and more essential oils!  Aside from their awesome face masks and serums I am loving their Shower Steamer Set as a great holiday gift.  Six steamers come in the box for $22 and will help energize, detox, calm or whatever you need!

Beespa: ok guys; this lotion is amazing.  My hands are super duper silky and with all the washing we are doing lately it was perfect timing.  Products are made with beeswax, shea butter and oils.  For $30.00 they have this great Beespa Total Body Set that includes a 0.5 oz mini hand and foot cream and a 3.4 oz luxury body cream all wrapped up perfectly in a cute organza gift bag.

Plaine Products (Hair and Body):  Stocker stuffer 101 right here.  These are perfect quality and perfectly sized.  In an effort to reduce plastics, these products are all sustainable and come in reusable, aluminum bottles.  You can easily order refills or even subscribe for convenience and so you never have to worry about running out of a favorite product.  These come in travel sizing ($5) as well as regular sizing ($25-30).  Scent options are rosemary mint vanilla and citrus lavender; both are amazing and you simply cannot go wrong.  I love the quality of the conditioner by the way – I really stress my hair out with drying and straightening and this really is luxury.  Gift sets are also an option; please check them out and scoop up  some body/hair care goodness!