7th Heaven Face Masks

Get the kids to bed early and treat yourself to a New Year’s spa experience at home!  I have been “taking 5” for myself over the last few weeks and enjoying the different types of facial masks 7th Heaven has to offer.

I started out with their Argan Oil Mud which is chock full of acai berries.  This is a vegan mask that is pretty much ready to use.  You basically cleanse your skin, apply and relax.  I incorporated this experience during a nice warm bath.  These are great for a deep clean feeling and can be used weekly.

Next up I tried out their Tea Tree Peel Off  mask.  This is great if you are trying to refine and calm your skin.  I use tea tree oil in so many aspects of my life that I was thrilled to try this as a mask.  This product literally pulled dead skin cells from my face so gently.  Same deal here; cleanse, apply, wait about 20 minutes and gently peel.  What a youthful glow I am sporting and it was so easy to administer!

Check this great company out; items can be found easily in local retailers!

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