A Few New Beauty Musts!


I love a gig where I get to try out new beauty products.  It’s like my birthday every day! Here are a few new products my daughter and I are checking out this week and they are definitely beauty MUSTS:

Demeter Fragrances

Demeter Fragrances:  The company offers a huge line of single-note scents.  Perfectly sized to use at home or on the go.  They have a nice fragrance.  We are loving their new Persephone’s Flowers Collection which contains Amethyst Petals (Iris, Violet, Patchouli), Rice Flower (Crisp/Clean Spices), and Watermelon Blossom (watermelon meets jasmine and musk)—this one is a MUST for summer.  The trio costs $45.

Besazo Lip Scrub/Lip Mask

Besazo Lip Scrub/Lip Mask:  These are vegan lip/mask duos that fit in the palm of your hand.  My daughter LOVES them.  The cost is $17 and flavor options include strawberry, mint, vanilla, grape, and orange.

Sabon Body Scrub

Sabon Body Scrub:  Okay, this one we are both fighting over in the shower.  This is aromatherapy in your own home.  We have their Serenity (Lavender).  They contain both essential oils and sea salts and are perfect for a nice time out from our stressful lives.  They are great for exfoliating and hydration of your tired skin.  The cost is $31 and completely worth it.

My Alchemy Skin Care

My Alchemy Skin Care:  This is luxury at home.  I cannot say enough about their Illuminate Serum ($72).  It moisturizes and repairs your skin.  My face feels like silk.   Purifier Plus Hand Conditioner ($14) is a great plant-based on-the-go hand sanitizer.  Non-drying I want to add.  Sunset Citrus Body Butter ($46) is pure bliss.  Helps restore skin from hot summers and cold winters, so great for all year round.  I apply after showering at night.  The scent is amazing.

0.2 Unisex Fragrance

0.2 Unisex Fragrance:  Perfect for men and women and more of an experience than a fragrance.  You get hints of Bergamot, Vanilla, Amber, and Spearmint all packaged together with musk.  It is clean and earthy.  We really like it.  Price ranges by size of bottle from $80-100.

I love showing you guys the beauty MUSTS!  These all hit that mark!