Acne Wipeout

Where are my teen moms?!?  Ladies…this is a struggle.  The “moods” and how fast they change and the body image stuff.  It is enough to exhaust you!  My son sometimes has issues with his skin.  He is mid-teens and always sweating as he plays multiple sports.

Acne Wipeout ($30 for the three part kit) is a new clinical acne system that you will start seeing results within an hour.  This is going to prevent and eliminate acne.  The company expertly combines benzoyl peroxide and retinoid which means it works and doesn’t dry up or irritate your skin.  My issue with these remedies always comes down to how often you have to use the product (I can’t get this kid to even put clothes in a hamper let alone do a 10 step skin process).  This is just two steps twice a day.

What comes in the kit:

All Day Breakout Control Cream: this is a time released benzoyl peroxide product that kills bacteria all day long.  No fragrance at all.  Can be purchased on it’s own for $12.99.

Time Released Retinol Plus: this is a cream for the nighttime that will keep your skin smooth and your pores unclogged while your teen gets their precious sleep.  One again, no fragrance or harmful stuff here.  Only the good stuff.  You can buy this product on it’s own also for $15.99.

Clear Pore Oil Free Cleanser:  this is your 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cleanser/medication that will keep your face clean, controls shine, calms redness and leaves your skin really soft.  It brings you the important ingredients to keep you acne free and also doesn’t dry or irritate like so many other products.

You must check this product out!