After 9 : Look fabulous, before and after birth!


We all want to look our best, no matter what. And god knows I will not let my pregnancy stand in the way of looking fabulous! Neither will breastfeeding. I do not want some clothing that screams “I am feeding a child!” to everyone. The more inconspicuous, the better.

Along came After9. These clothes feel comfortable and make me feel awesome!

The Embrace maternity leggings give real support to my bump and back. I love wearing them when I go on my evening walks.  I must say, the support waistband in them is great! I feel lighter and can even run in them without having my belly “bounce.”  The stretch of the material is just right, it does not feel tight but still gives good support. Made in Canada from durable nylon, After9 ensures it will not pill or warp over the course of 100+ washes.

I also got the Bamboo nursing tank top. It is so soft! A very versatile garment. By adjusting the side strings, it can accommodate a growing belly or fit you better post-partum. The wide arm-holes give easy access when you are ready to breastfeed. It is made from feather-light bamboo. And my god is it comfortable! It breathes very well, so it is perfect for my workout routine. It comes in grey, black or purple.

Now, here comes the best one! The Ultimate Nursing Hoodie! I actually had my husband ask me how I was gonna nurse in this, that is how well they have hidden that zipper! You would never guess it actually gives perfect access. Talk about feeling good walking around in this! The hoodie is nice and warm, perfect for an evening walk in early spring. It feels so soft and comfortable, I catch myself wearing it regularly just because. It comes in black, purple, and camo.  For sure I am going to order the black one too!

I love that the hood has no cord, one thing less to pry out of the baby’s hands.

A little detail that I appreciate a lot: the brand logo is there, but discreet. I abhor brands that print the logo in font size 1000 in the middle of your chest, which is often the case with hoodies.  After9 understands this.

After9 is really an awesome brand. Empowering women everywhere to get active again, feel beautiful, and take care of their babies the way nature intended them to do.  You will feel like a Woman while wearing After9. (notice the capital “W”?)