Air Quality in Car Better than Home

air quality

Amidst the Canadian smoke apocalypse, an interesting realization dawned upon me. Owning a high-end vehicle like the Range Rover P400 could prove to be quite advantageous. As we previously explored in our review, the Range Rover P400 offers a range of appealing features. However, upon examining a recent screenshot, our reviewer noticed that the air quality index was alarmingly high at 276 ppm, officially categorized as hazardous.

Curiously enough, inside the car, the air quality measurement was a mere 13, swiftly returning to normal levels within a few minutes. According to government standards, a safe range falls between zero and 50, while anything over 300 is extremely hazardous. This unexpected observation led us to ponder whether there might be hidden perks to purchasing a new car, such as the possibility of healthier air during a smoke apocalypse.

As the smoke and haze from Canadian wildfires travel across the eastern United States, air quality suffers immensely. Even in locations as distant as South Carolina, hazardous particles infiltrate the atmosphere, casting a somber gray and brown hue upon once-clear skies. Authorities in New York City have issued warnings about the associated health risks, advising vulnerable individuals to wear high-quality masks like the N95 or KN95 when venturing outside.

Amidst this environmental crisis, it is worth noting the intriguing outcome. You see, we own an air quality monitor in the office, and to my surprise, the air quality indoors was actually worse than that inside the Range Rover. It is indeed remarkable to consider that during a smoke apocalypse, a luxury vehicle could offer a haven of fresh air.

While the outside world may be shrouded in haze and grime, stepping into the Range Rover evokes a sense of entering a space filled with clean, purified air. 

So, if you find yourself amidst a smoky environment, contemplating the air quality outdoors, and seeking respite from hazardous particles, perhaps considering the Range Rover P400 as more than just a luxurious vehicle could be worthwhile. It may serve as an unexpected ally, offering a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos of a smoke-filled world.


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