Anaheim Marriott Staycation

One of our favorite things to do is lounge at a nice hotel.  Swimming, eating, drinking, and relaxing. To be on vacation, doesn’t necessarily mean getting completely out of town.   It’s about stepping outside the normal routine and easing into a low key state of mind.  Nowhere to go, and not much to do.  That’s how we like it.

from above The girls (Maddy 15 and Anna 10) and I, decided to take a very short road trip up to the Anaheim Marriott.  Disney was not in our plan this time.  This trip was about doing a whole lot of nothing.  It had been a long summer and relaxing was our main goal.

We found the Anaheim Marriott to be lovely!  The staff was very accommodating and the amenities offered made for a very easy “staycation”.  The design is clean and layout super modern.  The rooms are bright, clean, and comfortable.  We especially liked the fact that we could see the Disney fireworks for the hall window.

The kids say, “Pool time is cool time”.  No better way to beat the heat than jumping into a beautiful pool. Or…. just hanging out next to the pool.Marriott Pool

Poolside nFuse

nFuse for drinks?  Why Yes!  The Serrano-Migo, just spicy enough with serrano infused tequila, fresh lime juice, agave, and muddled strawberries can go down as one of my favorite drinks!  Normally I’m a bourbon drinker but this was perfect poolside and before dinner cocktail. Let’s just say, I had a few of these.

Maddy, Anna, and I love to listen to live music.  It’s not always an easy thing for me to do with my girls, considering they are both under age. But at the Marriott, all ages welcome.  So the three of us shared a fantastic coconut ice cream and listened to some solid talent.

Great Brunch, which lead to a great workout session!  Will all the relaxing and eating going on, I decided to get some gym time in.  I should have taken pictures.  Very clean, efficient, and plenty of equipment.  Lots of us were in there working out, but I never felt crowded.

Well done Marriott, well done.

Much to my enjoyment. The Serrano-Migo, just spicy enough with serrano infused tequila, fresh lime juice, agave, and muddled strawberries .

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