Back to School Fruit Snacks

As the sun-soaked days of summer start to transition into the bustling excitement of the back-to-school season, there’s no better way to add a burst of joy to those lunchboxes and backpacks than with this delightful assortment of back-to-school fruit snacks! From the zestiness of Ocean Spray Snack Medleys to the creamy goodness of Forager Project Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt, the protein-powered punch of Fuel for Fire smoothies, and the wholesome charm of Norma’s snacks, we’ve curated a selection that’s bound to make every school day a scrumptious adventure.

image of 3 packages of Ocean Spray Snack Medley fruit snacks

Ocean Spray Snack Medleys

Dive into the exciting world of Ocean Spray Snack Medleys! Imagine a symphony of flavors playing in your mouth, with each bite of sweet and tangy dried cranberries perfectly harmonizing with premium fruits. Whether it’s the Cran-Blueberry™, Cran-Pineapple™, or Cran-Mango™ variety, these little pouches of delight are poised to transform lunchtime into a lively culinary experience. Embrace the vibrant goodness of Ocean Spray Snack Medleys and watch your kids savor the joys of snacking, anytime, anywhere!

These single-serve Snack Medley pouches are a wildly surprising and bold mashup for your taste buds. Every bite bursts with the sweet and tangy flavor of dried cranberries along with either pineapple, blueberry or mango. Ocean Spray invites you to live life more fruitfully and enjoy these pouches wherever the day takes you. Snacking on the go should be fun, convenient, and nutritious, and now it is. The pouches are conveniently made to grab and go – whether it’s at home, school, during road trips…wherever. Perfectly portioned to top your yogurt, oatmeal, or salads, they offer a tasty mix of sweet and tangy goodness. Not just for kids, Snack Medleys are snacks for all ages, making sharing on the go even easier. Stock up and pack a few for family and friends. You’re bound to be the snack hero!



Forager Project Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt

Allow us to introduce the captivating world of Forager Project Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt! These enchanting 3.2oz pouches hold a treasure trove of organic, dairy-free yogurt that’s not only kid-approved but also parent-adored. Each pouch bursts with flavors like Berry Berry, Strawberry, Mango, and Peach. They offer a symphony of tastes that’s a delight for young palates.

But these pouches are not just about taste; they’re about nourishment. Packed with probiotics, calcium, and essential vitamins D, A, and B12, Forager Project Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt pouches provide a nutritious punch in every bite. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing that your child’s snack is not only delicious but also wholesome. These pouches are the perfect companions for those busy school days, whether they’re enjoyed during class breaks, after-school activities, or simply at home.


image of 6 packages of fuel for fire protein fruit smoothie fruit snacks

Fuel For Fire Protein Fruit Smoothies

Fuel For Fire Protein Fruit Smoothies are the ultimate summer drink – perfect for packing in a beach cooler or enjoying on the go. These smoothies are all about proper nutrition, anytime and anywhere. With only 7-12 ingredients, and nothing artificial, they prioritize quality and flavor in each sip. The first ingredient for Fuel For Fire is always real fruit. This ensures that you get a taste of nature’s goodness with every smoothie.

These protein smoothies are ready to eat anytime, making them a versatile option for various occasions. Unlike protein bars, these smoothies are easily digestible and can be enjoyed before, during, and after exercise. Their delicious 6 Original flavors contain 10g of Whey Protein Isolate – the gold standard in whey protein. If you’re Vegan or Dairy-Free, Fuel For Fire has you covered with 3 Plant-Based Protein Flavors. What’s more, these smoothies taste great chilled, but no refrigeration is needed, giving you the flexibility to enjoy them whenever and wherever you need a nutritious pick-me-up.




With summer slowly coming to an end, shopping for back-to-school items and getting the kids even excited to go back to school is hard work not to mention, packing them a nutritious lunch and snacks. Thankfully, there’s Norma’s. Norma’s snacks are made with locally sourced honey and feature unique grown-up flavors like elderberry ginger and strawberry rhubarb. They’re totally normal snacks from nature. Bursting with good stuff you can find in your own backyard (especially if your backyard is a farm).

Norma’s believes in the importance of transparency in ingredients and the benefits of using locally sourced ingredients in food production. With Norma’s, there’s no weirdness, just the genuine taste of nature’s bounty. Ripe rhubarb is blended up for that authentic flavor. Fresh elderberries and strawberries are harvested and squeezed to extract the juice, and then some moisture is gently removed to make the good parts easier to ship. The missing water is added back in at the facility, ensuring that each bite encapsulates the pure essence of the ingredients.