Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey

image of Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey, Caramel Turtle flavor

Hey guys. If you fancy a good whiskey product and also like dessert…well then, I have exactly what you need.

Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey is like “dangerous good.”  My husband and I sampled their Caramel Turtle bottle this past weekend and oh boy is it yummy.  This is caramel, pecan, and dark chocolate all wrapped up in a barrel-aged whiskey.  It is just not normal how good it was.  I sipped it slowly, on the rocks.  It is warm and sweet and honestly just a great way to end a perfect evening.

Other flavor options include chocolate cherry cream, chocolate mint, chocolate mocha cream, original chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate peanut butter cream, and bourbon ball.  The whiskey is barrel-aged and three years old.  All-natural products only here.  My husband is a whiskey enthusiast and basically said it perfectly combined that oak flavor of a traditional whiskey with delicious hints of chocolate, nuts, caramels, mints, and vanilla.  I mean what could be better?!?

Next up on our list is checking out their great recipe suggestions.  For instance, I kind of want to s’mores-up my caramel turtle next weekend with friends.  Possibilities are endless. So, please check out Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey and be ready with a unique option for your next party/gathering/date night.