BearButt Hammock For The Summer Breeze Win!

I am sooooo ready to have a warm afternoon breeze, a glass of vino and a good book in the yard.  Bonus points for the firepit.  I usually park my rear in the nearest Adirondack Chair but this year I am checking out a new “super easy to install” hammock from BEARBUTT.  They are super quality and super safe.  This is 75D Nylon Taffeta and has tolerance for up to 500 pounds.  Thread count here is 210; just like your favorite and comfy set of bedsheets.  The install took literallly seconds.  Hook on either end and you are ready to rock and roll.  I have the double hammock which like I said holds 500 pounds and is about 10 feet long and 6 feet wide.  My teenage son and I had no issue hopping into the hammock together and never felt like we would fall out or the hammock would give out.

It has this great “stuff sack” attached that you actually scoop up the hammock and store it in when you want to put it away.  Literally takes two seconds to stuff inside and close the top for the next time.  This also means it is super portable and can be a mainstay in your trunk for all your summer travel needs.  Oh; and when you are actually using the hammock you can use the stuff sack to keep your phone, a water bottle or other small items.  The cost for a double hammock is about $50.  Kodiak straps will run you about $36.00.