Beautifully Organized in 52 Weeks – A Home Organization Deck by Nikki Boyd

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Does your house feel organized and clutter-free? I know I’ve been trying to get my house organized and somehow it manages to get messy.  Usually, right before guests come over and I’m scurrying to clean up the place. That’s when most things go missing since I don’t have an “assigned home” for my things. With multiple attempts to organize and de-clutter, I am still looking for the best process to keep things beautifully organized. I think the concept of Beautifully Organized Deck is exactly what I needed for several reasons.

  • It’s not overwhelming
  • It tackles the most mundane tasks in an interesting way
  • It’s fast and painless
  • It helped me get started (which is the hardest part)
  • Great tips to label and organize

I really like the cards and look forward to the next weekly task. You have a week to complete each task. If you like the tip/trick you can reuse the card in the future. The goal is to get your home clutter-free and organized without feeling overwhelmed.

I really liked the paper clutter card tips. I never thought to collect all the paper and magazines in the house and then sort it into categories, such as important, junk, shred, file, or recycle. Paper overload is my biggest problem even though I toss all my junk mail as soon as it enters the house. Having files to organize my papers will definitely save me time and stress which is caused by losing things or not being able to find what I’m looking for. The author, Nikki Boyd, also offers a Beautifully Organized book for your home, and work, as well as a planner. Great housewarming gift or gift to yourself.

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