Beauty Products to Turn Back Time

The beauty market is filled with thousands of different products that all claim to be the best for “anti-aging”, “age defying”, “youth-enhancing” and “ageless.”  But with so many products claiming the same thing, how do you find the right one for you? Plus, if one is not well versed in having a beauty regimen, how does one know what is needed to begin with?  Well, fear not, because here are some beauty products to cover the basics and then some. I love the products described below as it was very easy to include in a working mom’s schedule without much extra effort, and you can find them online, so no extra trip to the store.

Let’s start with the eyes, the window to the soul.  We all want alluring eyes that we can bat at the bartender so he will at least card us, making us feel young again.  However, those pesky dark circles give away that we have had sleepless nights with our kids and long days at the office.  That’s where GM Collin’s Diamond Eye Contour treatment comes in to help us look firm and radiant again. The anti-aging skin care treatment is paraben free and formulated with a peptide complex and diamond powder.  It is smooth and unscented, and takes little to cover the necessary areas. For use in the morning and evening, it helps reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, and fine lines. Created for all skin types, it makes it an easy choice for all.

For those who don’t prefer creams, another option for pampering your peepers is the HydroPeptide PolyPeptide Collagel+ Eye Masks are a perfect choice.  I liked these because I could put them on and go throw in a load of towels while it worked on my tired eyes. The eye masks were gel-like and soft, providing hydration and antioxidants.  With collagen boosting peptides, the anti-wrinkle eye masks stay on for 10-20 minutes and require no rinsing afterwards. They did visibly smooth and reduce the puffiness around my eyes after one use.

If you like the HydroPeptide Eye Masks and wish they come in larger sizes for more of your face, you’re in luck!  The HydroPeptide Glow Team Hydrogel Mask Set comes with: 8 eye treatments, 1 face treatment, one neck treatment, and one “decollete” treatment (fancy word for upper chest/neckline area).  The set allows one to truly feel pampered and get ready for a night out where you are glowing and feeling like a million bucks. The Glow Team set uses the same hydrating and brightening formula as the eye masks.  The HydroPeptide Polypeptide Collagel+ products are all gluten, paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free, so it is another option that is good for all skin types.

Now that your skin is looking and feeling refreshed and pepped up, let’s focus on the hair.  When we get the time to do our hair and get it looking just so, we want it to be able to last the whole day, or at least as long as we last!  The It’s a 10 Miracle Finishing Spray did just that. I appreciated that I was able to brush through my hair after using it, and there was no rigidity to my hair.  It was light weight and kept my fly away right where I wanted them, in line with my other hairs. Color safe, the It’s a 10 Finishing Spray made doing my hair easy and mess free.

Last but not least, let’s make those lips kissable and add the finishing touch.  Jane Iredale’s Kiss and Tell Lip Stain/Gloss Kit is a perfect option. It includes two lip stains, “Craving” and “Fascination”, as well as the shiny lip gloss, “Crystal.”  The two lip stains offer a choice for any time of day, and can be used on their own, or paired with “Crystal” to offer a glossy finish and shine. I liked that they were weightless on my lips and did not feel sticky.  Seal the deal with this set and then share the wealth by getting a set for a friend!

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