Ben Lido Build Your Own Travel Kits

Ben Lido Build a travel kitBen Lido offers five “Ready-made Kits” designed specifically for business travel, travel by plane, long-term adventure trips, quick trips, and travel to the beach. Each kit comes with a bag and a variety of items from toiletries to over the counter medications chosen for a specific type of travel. For example, the beach trip kit comes with sunblock, the plane travel kit comes with Dramamine, and the adventure kit comes with bug spray. One of these kits may be perfect for your needs, but then again, it may include something you don’t use or leave out something you feel is imperative for your trip. So, Ben Lido also offers a “Build a kit” option.

The “Build a kit” travel pack caters to us online shoppers and helps reduce the stress of not finding the travel size items you’re looking for in the store down the street. The process starts with the option to choose a travel bag that suits your purpose. One has a snap tab for attaching it to a suitcase, and the other one has a separate section designed to hold travel documents. Of course, there’s also the option of skipping the bag and going straight to the contents.

The Ben Lido “Build a kit” option allows you to choose from hair care, cleansing, grooming, shaving, dental, hygiene, skin care, sanitizer, and laundry products. They also offer bulk products that you can use to refill your own containers. Once you create your own kit, you can save it to repurchase later without having to go through the entire process all over again.

Investing in one of these kits isn’t for everyone, but it is convenient for those who prefer to shop online and helpful for those who travel often. Check out the Ben Lido website at, and let us know what you think.

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