11 People Who Have Upped Their CoronaMask Game Better Than Me

I am not handy and cannot make a mask to save my life. Now Etsy is my best friend and I find myself ordering three masks for each person in the household. But which masks to order? I’m not really into the whole N-95 look as it just makes me feel like I have to hit the pharmacy or learn to perform surgery.

What I like is creativity, fun and masks that show a degree of confidence.  So how did I look at the list? Just masks which make me feel happy. Maks which make me feel like I can get through this Corona times!  So without a further delay, here are my favorite Coronavirus masks.

By the way, these aren’t ranked but just how I found them.

1) I mean look at the art.  Look at the face. You just know you want to hang out with Pieter and his mask at a party.

2) Okay, who would have thought a mask could be a political statement. Excuse me, my eyes are over here.

3) Don’t tell me. You smoke pot. I’m just thinking it out loud here.

4) I love Sarah’s glitter game! I love Sarah’s eye game! I mean Sarah is like gorgeous! I love you and want to be you!

5) This mask really does bring out your eye!

6)Could you imagine a stadium filled with fans like this? Okay, maybe not FULL but you get the idea.

7) I love the stretching idea actually.

8) Mayim you’re awesome!  I love that you’re both famous and super smart.

9) I’m not sure if I like this or it scares me.

10) Who doesn’t love Olivia and I love that she’s helping! Amazing Olivia!



11) She’s a Progressive, She’s awesome and she’s a Texan! I’m done. Perfect.



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