Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Canada

northern lights over canada as a painting
northern lights over canada as a painting according to AI

The Northern Lights are a fantastic and beautiful display of nature and have to be seen to be believed.  They are beyond my bucket list and no matter how many times I go to Canada, I’ve never seen them. Canada is rather far north, but it does depend on where exactly in Canada you’re standing.

But if you get far enough north and you’re lucky, then you might be able to see the Northern Lights.  One day, I might be lucky enough to see these beautiful waves of color in person. If you’ve seen them, I’m sure you’re the better for it. If you haven’t, maybe you’ll get lucky too. Who knows? Until then, these images are fascinating to look at.

There are many opportunities to catch the Northern Lights in our gorgeous neighbor to the north, Canada, and if you get your timing and location just right, you can even catch them in the northern US. From the autumnal equinox to early spring is, of course, your best time of year to see them.

Without further adieu, here’s my list of the Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Canada.

1) Manitoba, Canada

Manitoba is Canada’s central province, the polar bear capital of the world, with landscapes varying from Arctic tundra to southern farmlands and everything you could want in between.

This photograph was taken by Sarah Kimberly.

2) Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada

Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon, is also known as the “Wilderness City.” Its backyard is a vast wilderness with hundreds of miles of marked trails and beautiful lakes affording many opportunities to catch this wondrous sight. The Takhini Hot Pools’ mineral springs to the north are also a fabulous place to catch some great views of the aurora borealis.

Photograph by Caroline

3) Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

This gorgeous photo is brought to us by Dean M. Johnson on Instagram and accompanied by a beautiful description of this autumn night in Northern Saskatchewan. This region covers the northern half of Canada’s Saskatchewan province. Great for fishing and hunting given the vast wilderness and numerous lakes. And a great place to see the Northern Lights.

4) Baie St. James, Quebec

Baie St. James is basically going to Montreal and continuing to drive and drive and drive until your Tesla runs out of a charge.   It’s quite far north so quite in line to go see them.

That said, here’s Baie St. James.

5) Westlock County, Alberta, Canada

Alberta is Canada’s 4th largest province and is located in Western Canada. Known for its oil industry, it is rich in mountains, prairies, deserts, and forests. Westlock County lies in central Alberta.

This photo was taken by Dan Jurak.