Best Unique Seasonings 2022

I never thought of a spice and seasonings angle, but there are so many unique ones I had to make sure we covered a few. I love using unique spices and seasonings in my cooking as it really adds another layer to the cooking and can make it really easy to get your cooking to taste a bit different.

Our goal was to make a list of the best unique seasonings that you could buy.  It’s not enough to have just pepper and salt. Those aren’t unique enough!  We want a list of the best and most unique seasonings that you can buy to spice up your kitchen!

Storied Goods Sugar Cubes

sugar cubes

Storied Goods Sugar Cubes definitely goes on my list of most unique seasonings I’ve seen.  It’s more of a flavoring but it was so unusual I had to put it on my list.  The cinnamon vanilla would be amazing in tea or coffee. I’m also looking forward to putting the orange zest in tea. Plus the tins are so pretty and gorgeous, they look great on the counter.


Casa M Spice

casa spice co

Casa M Spice makes healthy spices in that they don’t have a lot of salt. Usually, they have tons of salt and really drive me nuts. They’re vegan and dairy-free, but I really am focused on the salt as it’s always good when the first ingredient isn’t salt.  They also have a nice spice to them. I’m really looking forward to trying pecking order because chicken is always bland and this will really wake it up! Plus, I love the containers which allow for shaking it right out!


Pince Spice Market

healthy eating 8

Pinch Spice Market makes not just salt, but salt flavors I have to admit I’ve never seen before. I’ve never seen Cherry Smoked Salt, nor have I ever seen French Grey Salt. Don’t even start asking me about Porcini Mushroom Salt. If you’re trying to eat healthily, I just love the idea of a flavored salt because you just pop it in the meal and it adds another dimension to it. Sometimes I find it even better than using a mix because the mix can have all of the sauces and, well, that could just be a terrible situation. Of course, it is not healthy if you are watching your blood pressure, so just use a very little amount of salt to get through the day. This way it also lasts you quite some time.


Holy Smoke Olive Oil

holy smoke olive oil

Holy Smoke Olive Oil makes extra virgin olive oil infused with hickory smoke.  If you love the taste of barbecue and that traditional smoky flavor, then this is for you. They ship straight to your home, but there’s an additional reason that I love it.  It’s 100% natural, raw and vegan but its smoky taste really gives off the flavor of bacon. So, my husband is actually a vegan but couldn’t believe and thought that I must’ve put eggs in our breakfast this morning. It really does have that smell of bacon!



Skordo is the quintessential Maine shop that you can order from online.   This particular set has their Maine Blueberry Pork, Mediterranean Fish, Maple Salmon and Togarashi. By far, my favorite has to be the Maine Blueberry Pork which is just so unique. If you miss Maine on your travels, this is a great way to get the taste of Maine sent straight to your house.



I love their website name, Sunshine in a Bottle.   But what makes this so wonderful is that Olive Oil in particular, is the basis of so many meals.  Good olive oil makes it so much easier to cook and prepare, and that taste is like that baseline of cooking.  In particular, the Mediterranean was great, especially when mixing up some vegetables. It gave it a wonderful addition that was so easy to add in.



the spice lab

The Spice Lab makes all different types of seasonings and spices. Their salt rimmers are perfect for when I’m making cocktails for my girlfriends and me, and the stir fry seasoning makes any meal tasty in a snap. I love the varieties that The Spice Lab has, as well as the quality of their spices.

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