Bon Devil Brings Dessert Without the Guilt

Bon Devil
Bon Devil

If you are like me, we all want to say we don’t eat sweets and dessert, but we really do.  I always start the day with the best of intentions but then need that “sweet fix” at night. So, I was thrilled to check out Bon Devil‘s Plant-Based Desserts.

Bon Devil desserts are “wickedly delicious,” as they claim, with pretty much zero guilt.  They are coconut-based; with no dairy, gluten, lactose, or cholesterol.    Certified by the Vegan Society and containing no animal products at all, they are non-GMO and kosher friendly too!  Also notably, they are under 120 calories.

So what is the delicious ingredient that makes Bon Devil desserts just so decadent and good??  Coconut milk.  And I want to remind you that coconut is full of all good things like minerals, electrolytes, and healthy fats.

Products we are loving:

Chocolate Ganache Cups (100 calories each)

Vanilla Ganache Cups (110 calories each)

Salted Caramel Ganache Cups (120 calories each) – My personal favorite!

Caramelized Banana Ganache Cups (100 calories each)

I recommend refrigerating them prior to eating.  You can also freeze them if you like.  They are just so rich and creamy; you would honestly think they were bad for you.  I didn’t tell the kids that they are plant-based or actually good for you.  I let them try them blind to see if they liked them.  Both of them 100 percent said delicious!

Super win here in this house; everyone is eating a healthier dessert and enjoying it immensely!

Check them out!