Booking Tours with Viator



Viator is a tour booking app, that lets you book tours in cities across the world. Why is this important? If you’re familiar with GrubHub or OpenTable, it basically is the unifier of all things tours. Since Covid, I learned that I really don’t like dealing with people to order things so this is quite easy now.

We just used the Viator app on a recent trip to Quebec city. This was especially helpful in a French-speaking province as I no longer had any language issues to consider.

The search function on the app is pretty straightforward letting you search for the type of tour, price, and link to other features. I should course-correct when I say the word app that I also mean the website too. Both of these features allow researching without a headache.

It was so much simpler to do on the app versus calling the local tour companies. My friend is exceptionally limited so I no longer had to deal with any headaches in terms of a language issue. In addition, I no longer have to wait to get a certain rep on the phone.

Does it include every tour known to man? No. But the ease really can’t be beaten. You just order, get your email, and then have a QR code to show the tour guide.

I think we’ve learned one thing through the pandemic. I’d rather be able to order something easily than have a headache any day.