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2015-09-14 15.20.58With more theater seats than anywhere else in the United States the options for entertainment are vast.  We saw many shows on our trip that are worth mentioning. The Baldknobbers Jamboree like many shows is a family affair.  It started in 1959 and currently the second and third generations are carrying it on. It offers a bit of everything including great music and singing as well as comedy.  Our daughter loved it because of the slapstick humor and the quick pace of this variety show- never a dull moment! Another show totally run by family is the Hughes Brothers “it” at the Hughes Theater. This one is a little more contemporary and features over 50 members of the Hughes Clan, both young and old.  I really enjoyed the variety of talent showcased.  The Hughes Brothers themselves sing beautifully together and their children stole the show!

One of the highlights for us was seeing Jonah at the Sight & Sound Theatre.  This production could be on Broadway.  The special effects, amazing stage and very talented cast made this a must see if you are visiting Branson. The Sight & Sound Theatre changes its productions but I’ve been told by repeat visitors to the theater that none of their productions disappoint.  Be sure to arrive to the theater early because it is a beautiful building with equally beautiful grounds that you can enjoy.IMG_3993

With my daughter being a budding Irish Step dancer we knew we needed to see the Spirit of the Dance Show at the King’s Castle Theater.  The show focused predominantly on Irish Dance but also included many dance styles including flamenco, ballet and tap.  The talent of these dancers was second to none. With it’s non-stop dancing the show kept your feet tapping and was very exciting. The Chinese are well represented in Branson with the Acrobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus.  This show was a cultural experience delivering wonderful traditional Chinese tales as well as crazy acrobatic skills.  I needed to close my eyes at some point because some of the moves were intense- never a dull moment at this show!

Shepherd of the Hills outdoor Drama was another outstanding performance.  It brings to life Harold Bell Wright’s novel Shepherd of the Hills.  The drama is a wonderful portrayal of the book.  The show with its vast and talented cast including over 80 actors and 20 animals as well as gunshots and burning buildings is a must see. During intermission you can walk the set and meet some of the characters in the show.2015-09-14 21.04.24-1

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