Brave Good Kind Chicken Bites

image of 3 packages of Brave Good Kind tender chicken bites

It is a New Year and as I have said before, we are all trying to eat and be healthier.  Here is a great snack option for your entire family to enjoy: Brave Good  Kind.

Brave Good Kind:  these are tender chicken bites that are all-natural, a great source of protein, gluten-free, contain no MSG, contain no antibiotics, 40% less sugar, and 65% less fat.  The brand takes the ingredients very seriously – “we are what we eat” and as such everything we put into our bodies affects our gut and brain.

Here are the options we are trying out:

Tender Chicken Bites Variety 3-Pack ($21.99).  It contains a pouch of all three of their flavors: Original, Teriyaki, and Hot Honey.  They are really flavorful and a great size, by the way, to pop in your tote or backpack so that as you go about your busy day you have some healthy fuel to help you out!  You will, from the first bite, taste authentic smoky and savory flavors. They are really tender – unlike other jerky options out there.  Each serving contains 9-10 mg of protein that will help with the energy you desperately need! These are better for you than granola bars and chips!

Check them out!