Built NY Cooler Bag

New from Built NY is a fabulous cooler bag that is taking my outdoor / beach entertaining to a whole new level.  As with all Built NY products, this tote is made from neoprene; the “wet suit material”.  The fabric protects from any bumps or drops while insulated to keep you goods at the perfect temperature.  Best two features: its washable (definitely necessary after a day at the beach with my crew) and it comes with a bottle opener hanging right off the side (it is like they speak my language).  And; when the summer comes to an end (say it isn’t so), you can fold the bag flat for easy closet storage.  The bag retails for $29.99 and can hold 9 bottles / cans.

Built NY came to be in 2003 by three friends with a passion for design, fashion and good food and wine.  By visiting builtny.com you can purchase this wonderful cooler bag as well as various styles / designs of lunch totes, bowls, regular totes, wine totes, pot holders, handle covers, oven mitts (the patterns are terrific!).  Their baby line features diaper clutches (super cool style and portability), changing pads and pacifier/bottle holders.  All items are priced to fit anyone’s budget.  It is such a rare treat to be able to purchase quality and chic designs while paying a fantastic price.

Please visit builtny.com for new products, purchases, look-books and more.

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