BusyBox Signs

image of a busybox smart sign and the box it came in

Do you need to stay focused? Are you being interrupted by family, friends, or coworkers all the time? Then we have the solution for you! BusyBox offers great signs to hang on your door, or put on a surface anywhere! These LED signs can be updated with a simple touch on the easy-to-use app. Select colors, adjust brightness, create presets, or group multiple BusyBoxes together. You can even change the setting of your BusyBox Sign hands-free! Let your Google Assistant or Siri handle it!

Even young kids that cannot read yet (or coworkers that refuse to) will have no issues with this sign! 🚫 Red blinking light: NOT NOW!  ⚠️ Yellow pulse: Can it wait? ✅  Green glow: Okay to come in. BusyBox truly is the very best sign for work-from-home parents!

Sync your calendar to your BusyBox and it will automatically turn on and off when scheduled events pop up!

Another great feature of the BusyBox Sign is its compact and portable design. it is lightweight, easy to carry, and you can place it in any room of the house.

Made with long-lasting rechargeable batteries, you can leave BusyBoxes up all day…or all week…on a single charge. The BusyBox S runs over 120 hours on a single charge! Get a BusyBox so you can get things done all week and recharge on the weekends.

Four different models to choose from:

  • BusyBox R (remote) is the most affordable model. At $59, it comes with one message: BUSY. You can choose with the click of a button on the remote from over 100 preset modes of the lights like blink, color wash, rainbow, chase, etc.
  • BusyBox S (smart) is the most popular model. At $129, it comes with multi-color LEDs and six different messages. You get BUSY, ON A CALL, ON AIR, DO NOT DISTURB, RECORDING, and LIVE. You can use the free app to change colors or presets.
  • BusyBox P (pixel) is the 8-bit model. It is available for $199. With a true retro vibe, it has all the features of the other smart signs, and a fun interface that makes creating your message in 8-bit style easy. You can fully control the 256 LEDs in a 32 x 8 layout with the app to create custom images and texts.
  • BusyBox D (digital) is the most fun and flexible. At $299, this is the most sophisticated of the BusyBox signs. Fully digital, it can even show gifs and you can control it through your free app.

The Lifetime Warranty means you can buy worry-free. Get 11% off your first order by signing up for their newsletter!

Let the world know when they can come in, or when you are busy. Make it fun but very clear!