Capresso Electric Water Kettle 57 oz (1.7 L) capacity

The Capresso water kettle has exactly all the features I was looking for in a tea kettle.   The best feature is that the water boils faster, safer, and more efficiently than any stove top kettle.   This is super convenient for a mother trying to accomplish multiple tasks.  You can plug it in and turn it on and it shuts off with the auto shut off when water is ready. I also don’t have to worry when the water runs out because it has dry boil protection , cutting the power off when it senses there is no water left.   The micro filter spout traps any particles before they reach the cup, ensuring the purest servings.   The cool-touch handle and drip free pouring design makes it safe to prevent from burns.   It has a concealed low-noise heating element so it’s quiet.    The cord wraps around on the bottom of the teapot for easy and clean storage.   The detachable base with 360 degree swivel base is good for left or right hand use.   Kettle lifts easily for pouring and serving. This lightweight teapot comes in black or white.   I love the white tea kettle  because it matches my counter top. The price is reasonable at approximately $30 and has a one year limited warranty.

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