Capresso Froth Select

I am loving this cool, crisp weather we have now and all the fun fall treats that come along with it.  I am way getting into warm apple cider and hot chocolate as my sweet treat of choice.

I am loving my new Capresso Froth Select ($99.99) which is easily making my homemade, fresh hot chocolate happen.  This is a one button operation; couldn’t be easier.  There are four settings (cold/hot froth, hot milk or hot chocolate).  I put my favorite style chocolate chips right into to pitcher and the heating disk takes over from there.  Keep in mind you can vary the milk texture to pull off your own homemade cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes and so much more.  During these scary times, think about how much money you save by making your favorite beverage right at home.  Oh, and the pitcher is dishwasher safe so cleanup is even easier.  The recipes are super easy to follow; start with frothing the milk, then add the chips of your choice and simply wait for the system to shut off on it’s own.  I just made myself and the hubby a delicious Irish Hot Chocolate by heading the milk and vanilla extract and then adding cocoa powder, sugar and of course the Baileys and then topping it off with shaved white chocolate.  So so delicious and I didn’t leave the house!  The next time I can’t sleep I will for sure be trying their recipe for “Bedtime Milk” which involves frothed milk/vanilla/sugar/nutmeg.  How amazing does that sound to end your day!

Check out all of Capresso’s amazing machines/makers etc. for everything Holidays and Fall!