Car Seat Bib – How to keep your child clean!

Regular bibs are a joke, they are soooo small and do not cover my children enough at all! We have even resorted to using those painting smocks to keep the clothes clean. But smocks are made out of plastic, which is not absorbent. So anything spilled on it just rolls off, straight to the trousers or the floor. And I know I am not alone. My kids are not particularly messy eaters compared to others, but they still can make a pretty big mess! All parents have to deal with the food disasters their babies and toddlers create. I have found an awesome solution I really needed to share with you—the Car Seat Bib.

Car Seat Bib makes bibs that are oversized and made out of ultra-absorbent material. This family-owned company is based in Philadelphia. It was born out of the necessity of finding a solution for car-sick kids. When your kids make a mess in the car, it is particularly hard to clean up, since it gets everywhere: inside buckles and seatbelts, soaking into car seat fabric, and all over the back seat. It is hard to clean and creates a stressful and frustrating situation for everyone. But Car Seat Bib combines ultra-absorbent and waterproof materials into a lightweight, oversized bib to keep kids and cars clean. It is truly an awesome product!


Personally, my kids are not prone to car sickness at all (thank you God above). But I still love using the Car Seat Bib. Our mealtimes are a lot less stressful, as I do not worry about their clothes or seat anymore.

The Car Seat Bib can be bought with a yellow, blue, pink, or pastel ribbon. You can get them on their website for $19.99.