Today I Learned Casper’s Ice Cream is Famous for Two Other Ice Creams

caspers ice cream
caspers ice cream

In this photo, you’ll see a ridiculously large collection of ice cream from Casper’s Ice Cream. In fact, I can say I have never seen so many boxes of ice cream in a single photo. Seeing so many brands under Casper’s, it really made me wonder, what is Casper’s Ice Cream?

This brand has been around since 1925, and I had never heard of it before?!?!?!

To get the answers I was looking for, I reached out to Reed Damon, the CMO of Casper’s Ice Cream. I asked him about the original brands back in 1925, and he told me that “In 1925, Casper Merrill took the milk and cream from his family’s milk cows and made the “original” Ice Cream Nut Sundae on a stick, then called Casco Nut Sundaes, which are now known as FatBoy Nut Sundaes. They were made in a ten-gallon milk can and were sold at the local Utah Fourth of July celebration. Soon after, Casper developed his original FatBoy Ice Cream sandwich, a much larger-than-usual ice cream novelty that earned its name.”

When I asked him why not produce everything under the same brand of Casper’s, Damon explained that “We choose to not operate everything under the brand name of Casper’s mainly due to the difference between the products. FatBoy plays into Casper’s history and houses the flagship ice cream sandwich, leaning into being unapologetically awesome and having a humongous size. Jolly Llama, on the other hand, focuses on better-for-you products like our dairy-free and gluten-free Sandwiches and Cones crafted to satisfy the cravings of a different consumer than our FatBoy.”

I also asked him if Casper’s had any records like the first ice cream parlor or something along those lines. Damon responded by saying that “FatBoy is actually the number one-selling Ice Cream Sandwich Brand out there, in terms of world records…I don’t believe we currently have any world records that are documented, but I would guess we’ve accounted for more chocolate-covered fingers than any other ice cream brand out there.”

Finally, Damon shared some interesting facts about the brand, such as the fact that there are over 500,000+ FatBoy Ice Cream sandwiches made daily in a wide variety of flavors. He also noted that FatBoy is made with REAL premium ice cream, not a frozen dairy dessert, just high-quality, delicious ice cream.

So, today I learned that Casper’s Ice Cream is a brand since 1925 and a wide variety of products and just makes it all under FatBoy and Jolly Llama.