Luxury skin care is a must on everyone’s Christmas list; taking time to fix yourself is the perfect gift for you, mom, your sister, even your bestie!  Take the time to check out the great 2 step rejuvenation set from CerumWORX.  This is a simple process for the early morning and right before bed that is so portable you can take it anywhere your busy life takes you!  For the last few days I have been testing out the system and I am so confident that I am putting a stop to the aging demons each and every time!  The “day serum” contains vitamin C, biopeptides and plant polyphenols.  All you do is twist off the capsule top and massage into your skin in a circular motion.  This is great for neck, face and around eyes.  ($75).  The “night serum” is the same process but packed with retinol and resveratrol in microsponge.  This treatment is hydrating, smoothing and firming while I sleep!  ($96).  Grab the set for a reasonable $171; honestly where can you buy a spa treatment at home for that?  I am noticing results and cannot wait to keep on going!  For more info please visit: http://www.dermworx.com/shop-now.  Oh; and these are great for sensitive skin too!


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