Chloe’s Frozen Treats: Because Regular Ice Cream is So Last Season


Hey there, frozen treat enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for the scoop on Chloe’s, the frozen treat empire that’s shaking up the dessert game like a blender on steroids. Even though popsicles may be hibernating for the winter, Chloe’s is defying the seasons and making 2024 the year of icy revelations. Hold on to your taste buds; Chloe’s has some frozen tricks up its sleeve.

A Cool Partnership with Whole Foods

Move over, ordinary freezer section! Chloe’s is flexing its chilly muscles with a brand-new partnership with Whole Foods. Yep, you heard it right. Chloe’s frozen delights are hitting the shelves of the trendiest grocery store in town. Now, your journey to a healthier freezer aisle just got a whole lot more boujee. It’s like the meeting of two cool kids – Chloe’s and Whole Foods, a match made in frozen dessert heaven.

Chloe’s: Where Frozen Treats Meet Fashion

Get ready to feast your eyes on the hottest fashion trend of Q1 – Chloe’s packaging refresh. Who knew frozen treats could be so stylish? Chloe’s is giving its look a makeover, making those other ice cream pints blush with envy. Picture this: your freezer looking like a high-end runway, complete with sleek, revamped packaging that’s about to redefine what it means to be cool. Move over, vanilla; Chloe’s is here to snatch the dessert runway crown.

Expo West: The Coolest Show in Town

Guess who’s strutting its frozen stuff at Expo West? Chloe’s, of course! Get ready for an expo experience that’s colder than your ex’s heart. Chloe’s is gearing up to showcase its frosty wonders, leaving attendees wondering how they ever survived without these better-for-you frozen delights. Expo West won’t know what hit it – it’s about to get a taste of Chloe’s cool revolution.

Chloe’s Founder: The Queen of Frozen Rebellion

Let’s talk about the mastermind behind this frozen revolution – Chloe Epstein, the fearless mom of three who decided that NYC’s ice cream trucks needed a makeover. Founded in 2010, Chloe’s has grown faster than an ice cream cone melts on a hot summer day. Chloe’s signature pops, Oatmilk Pops, and Mini Cookie Sandwiches are redefining the frozen treat game. It’s not just a treat; it’s a movement led by the one and only Chloe Epstein, the disruptor-in-chief of the frozen dessert world.

Chloe’s: Where Frozen Meets Fearless

Whether you’re a dairy-free devotee or just on a mission to conquer the frozen treat world, Chloe’s is the queen of the ice cream rebellion. From gluten-free and dairy-free cookie sandwiches to pops that are more plant-based than your neighbor’s garden, Chloe’s has something for everyone. No hidden secrets, just frozen snacks that are as delightful as they are guilt-free. With over 10,000 stores nationwide and an online presence at (yes, you read that right), Chloe’s is on a mission to make your freezer the coolest place to be.

So, buckle up, frozen enthusiasts, because Chloe’s is about to take your taste buds on the coolest ride of 2024. Get ready to say goodbye to the mundane and hello to the extraordinary – Chloe’s Frozen Treats are here to make your freezer fabulous!