Circle Line is Iconic New York

Circle Line

The Circle Line is synonymous with New York. It provides tours that are so popular that Circle Line has become a proper and common noun. Scotch Tape is an adhesive tape, but no one says adhesive tape; Circle Line is synonymous with Manahttan boat tour. I have even overheard people say things like, “oh, you’re going on a boat tour; you must be going on the circle line. “ I have said, “We are doing the Circle Line.”


Circle Line has been around for over 75 years, and it offers a variety of tours, but my favorite is the Best of NYC Cruise. This two-and-a-half-hour tour is the only tour that completely goes around Manhattan Island. As the name suggests, this tour completely circles Manhattan. You will see every landmark you’ve heard of and learn about new ones. The expert guides provide all details along the route. It was a great experience passing under the Brooklyn Bridge and Yankee Stadium. In addition, they have other highlights like seeing the Statue of Liberty and cruising at night.


Its boats are built to give you the best views regardless of the weather due to their panoramic windows. We were comfortable inside as it was pretty warm.  If the weather is favorable you can go onto their outdoor deck. There is also free Wifi to make your friends and family immediately jealous!


I can’t recommend this tour enough.  This tour is a must for visitors, and I think a great idea to take when you first arrive.  The Best of NYC tour provides an overview of the island of Manhattan, its features, and generally the magnitude. Many of these landmarks can only be enjoyed from the outside, and this sure beats walking to see them as I’m sure you will be doing plenty of walking! You’ll have a better idea of the scale of NYC, and this tour helps plan the rest of your trip.