College Dorm Gift Box from OCM

OCM makes snack gift boxes quick and easy and for all sorts of occasions. Do you need a quick and easy box to send your college kid going away?  Something that they’ll use and will cover all of their needs in their college adventures?


What you see in this shot is the Student Staples box. This box includes Dr. McDougalls Soups, Think Beef Jerky, Wonderful Pistachios, Mr. Nature Trail Mix, Snickers Candy Bars, Ramen Noodle Soups, Unique Pretzels, Kraft Easy Mac and Cheese, Protein Bars, Lance Toast Peanut Butter Crackers, Kellogg Pop-Tart, Quaker Instant Oatmeal packets, Cheez-its, Chips Ahoy Cookies, Oreo Cookies and plenty more…


You know, I actually love the idea that this care package is basically one-stop shopping of everything you need to send a college kid in your life. In particular, I love the fact that it has the Ramen noodles with my team of the small investment account I like the fact of having a basic meals semester. In fact, most of this package is more on the healthy side than not.


Of course OCM has other options for basically every darn holiday or event out there.  Check it out and order for any students going into their great new adventure.

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