COOP Reactorz light up balls and discs

COOP has a line of products that deserve a glowing recommendation. Their Reactorz line of balls are made with Reactive Light Technology, LEDs, and micro-prisims to create varying light displays whenever the ball is touched or moved. They light up whether it’s day or night, but I have to admit that they look really cool in the dark! It makes me think this would be a nice addition to scouting camp outs, or even to a grown ups night out.

The line includes football, soccer, basketball, and playground balls. It also includes Gripz balls and discs (or as we called them when I was growing up, Frisbees). Each ball comes in a two color scheme, and the discs come in three color schemes.

Reactorz Micro Football

The Reactorz Micro Football is 6.5 inches, which is a good size for younger kids. They come in an inner green with a blue shell (Atomic Core/Plasma Shield), inner red with a blue shell (Lava Core/Laser Shield), or inner blue with an orange shell (Ice Core/Blaze Shield). You can find them in a bundle at Amazon for around $20.

Reactorz Playground Ball

The Reactorz Playground Ball is 8 inches and good for all different types of games. It comes in the same color options as the Reactorz Micro Footballs. The playground ball can be found at Target for around $16.

Reactorz Disc

The Reactorz Discs are 10 inches in diameter and come in four patterns that are predominately blue or green. They can also be found at Target as well as at Academy Sports for around $10.

Out of the three, I like the disc the best, and that’s only partly due to the price. The only down side I can think of is that the light runs on “long-lasting” batteries. So, when the batteries wear out, I guess that’s it.

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