Did you Know there was a Cranberry Horseradish?

horseradish cranberry
horseradish cranberry

Ah, the culinary cosmos is a wondrous place, filled with unexpected flavor galaxies waiting to be explored. Picture this: cranberries, those little superfruit superheroes packed with Vitamin C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants, join forces with horseradish, the unsung hero rich in Vitamins B and C, and the fiery essence of glucosinolates. Together, they create a duo that doesn’t just bring flavor to your favorite foods but does it with a Zing Factor™ that’ll make your taste buds dance the cha-cha.

Meet the Cranberry Horseradish by Silver Spring Foods—an 8 oz. bottle of GiveItZing®. This isn’t your ordinary condiment; it’s a super ingredient that adds pizzazz without sneaking in a bunch of calories. Imagine the sweet/tart dance of cranberries harmonizing with the sinus-clearing heat of fresh horseradish, sprinkled with a hint of lemon to create a truly unique flavor symphony.

Now, let me tell you, this isn’t just reserved for the Thanksgiving turkey sandwich leftovers. Oh no! This tangy and fruity wonder is a year-round sensation, ready to steal the spotlight in main dishes and side dishes alike. Picture it playing a supporting role, perfectly paired with white meats, grilled shrimp, ham, and even cozying up with cream cheese and crackers. And let’s not forget its gluten-free status, making it a crowd-pleaser for all.

Silver Spring Foods, Inc., the brilliant minds behind this flavor masterpiece, aren’t just playing around with cranberry horseradish. They are the world’s largest grower and producer of horseradish, a title earned through decades of dedication and flavor innovation since their founding in 1929. Based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, this company doesn’t just stop at horseradish; they’re the virtuosos behind an assortment of sauces and mustards. If you’re in the market for a flavor adventure, they’ve got you covered.

In the world of Silver Spring Foods, the Zing Factor™ is not just a slogan—it’s a way of life. Dive into their horseradish empire, where every bottle is a passport to a flavor journey that’ll leave you saying, “Did you know there was a cranberry horseradish?” But hey, don’t just take my word for it; embark on your flavor odyssey and discover the Zing Factor™ for yourself!