Dive into the Elemental Adventure: Ryan’s World Meets the Exciting New Series ELEMON!

ryans world elemon
ryans world elemon

In the bustling, futuristic city of New Olympia Polis, a groundbreaking scientific marvel has come to life. Meet the Elemon—mystical creatures birthed from chemical elements, and the stars of “ELEMON,” the latest animated series from Sunlight Entertainment and Toei Animation. This show promises a wild ride, blending education with high-octane adventure, all wrapped in a family-friendly package.

At the heart of “ELEMON” is Leo Woods, a brilliant ten-year-old scientist whose dream of creating Elemon becomes a reality. Alongside his friends, Leo embarks on an epic quest to master chemistry and protect his creations from the shadowy Team Ninja, who are hell-bent on stealing his technology for their own nefarious purposes. Each 11-minute episode is a delightful mix of comedic antics, thrilling battles, and heartfelt moments that teach kids the wonders of chemistry in a way that’s anything but boring.

This series, available on the SAFE STREAMING™ platform Kidoodle.TV and YouTube, has already captivated audiences worldwide. With new episodes dropping weekly on the official Elemon YouTube channel, there’s always a fresh adventure awaiting. Dive into the world of Elemon and discover the magic of elements in a way that’s engaging, educational, and endlessly entertaining.


The creative genius behind “ELEMON” is none other than Shion Kaji, the mastermind behind the global phenomenon, Ryan’s World. Ryan Kaji, the young star whose YouTube channel has become a staple in households around the world, lends his voice to the character Ryan in the series, further bridging the gap between the beloved Ryan’s World and this new, exciting venture. This connection makes “ELEMON” not just another kids’ show but a brilliant concoction of science and fantasy from the same family that brought us Ryan’s World.

For those who crave a blend of science and fantasy, “ELEMON” is a must-watch. Join Leo, Ela, and Ryan as they bond with their Elemon, learn about chemistry, and outsmart the villains of Team Ninja. It’s a journey that activates both the heart and the mind, proving that learning can indeed be an adventure. So, tune in and immerse yourself in the electrifying world of “ELEMON” today!