Dofu Cat Tofu Cat Litter

image of bag of Dofu Cat Tofu cat litter

We go through so much cat litter with our two cats! It is ridiculous and feels like a huge waste. Bad for the environment, and I recently found out it is no good for their health either! Clay-based litter creates a lot of dust that when inhaled can lead to all sorts of health issues. And the clay-based litter is not environmentally friendly at all. Those new crystal litters look nice and give you a clean environment and air, but they are very, very expensive and require frequent litter changes. That is why we changed to tofu-based cat litter! Dofu Cat creates cat litter that is truly 100% biodegradable.

Dofu Cat makes their Tofu Cat Litter from soy tofu, which is quick-clumping and highly absorbent. The pellets weigh next to nothing, so your litter box does not become too heavy. Since the clumps are flushable or compostable, you will no longer have so much waste to worry about. The clumps dissolve in water, so you can throw them in the toilet!

We also loved that it smells a lot better than regular litter! The tofu litter does not create dust. It is low-track because the pellets are larger and do not stick between the toes of our cats.

And at only $15.99 for a 6-liter bag, this litter is not all that expensive either!

Most important (and I cannot stress this point enough), our cats took to it without any issues! We worried they would not like it and refuse to use their new litter, but they really had no problem with the Dofu Cat Tofu Cat Litter at all!

If you want to get your Dofu Cat Tofu Cat Litter from a store, you can use their handy store locator tool. For now, it can only be found in Canadian stores. But, you can order from their online store and get it delivered to your home!