Earthstone International

Who wants to hear about a Company who makes these great products that are 95% recycled material, Non-Toxic and chemical free? Oh and they make a product for almost all of your household needs.  Enter Earthstone International and life is suddenly cleaner and easier.  My home was treated to a couple of their products and I think they are great!  Toilet Stone is pretty much a pumice stone on a stick that is going to get rid of the rust, lime and stain problems your toilet is having.  This totally “green” product is super easy to use and totally doing the trick!  I also challenge you to try it out on the shower walls like I am!  I put the husband to work making the grill gleam with our new Grill Stone.  This is the same pumice on a stick concept and super safe on enamel, stainless steel, cast iron, and grill grates.  It is so super easy to use and totally chemical free cleanliness.  I also want to mention there is a Pool Stone and a Kitchen Stone that I am also wanting to try out.  None of these are costly at all; please check them out for a healthier and cleaner living standard!



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