Easter Bakeware from Wilton

wilton easter

Wilton just announced its new line of Easter baking tools and decorations, which not only is a good prep for Easter baking but also a nice gift for anybody who is a baker in the family.

You’ll see in this photo that they have the Wilton Bright Pastel Rainbow Easter Egg and Jimmies Sprinkle Mix and various other sprinkle mixes. In addition, they have a few other new items to make Easter baking easier. For example, you’ll see funny little bunny ears which just basically can transform any cupcake into an Easter cupcake. I can’t be bothered going crazy for Easter so if I could just pop on Easter bunny ears and have a cupcake for Easter. Well, I feel golden!

They also have a cookie-cutter set as well as even a cute silicone baking sheet that follows the festive theme. But my favorite has to be the cookie rack which folds out and back up whenever you need it. This just makes things so much easier. This is especially true in that I’m not leaving a full cookie rack on my counter for weeks on end.

If you have someone in the family who is into baking, this is a nice one-shot gift for everything and all things Easter.