Ekrin Athletics – A Portable Massager

Nothing says you love your Mom, Dad or spouse like a great massage.  I am adoring the amazing quality products from Ekrin Athletics.   These massagers are legit the “real deal” and are almost half the price of the other industry-leading massage guns.  We personally have been trying out the Ekrin Bantam ($160).  This massager is compact and very lightweight.  Great if you have to take it with you to sports events etc.  It is very easy to use – it has this awesome easy grip handle and 3 awesome speeds depending on what your needs may be.  You can easily charge the device USB style and the battery will run about 6 hours between charges.  The power is truly impressive for a product that weighs about 1 pound.  It also comes with four different massage attachments, so no matter what your need may be you will be prepared and in good hands.  The flat head is for overall use, the “bullet” for hands/feet, the “round” for sensitive and sore areas (I am loving this one for my lower back pain associated with menstrual cramping) and “the fork” for your spine/neck.  The size/weight of this massager means you can bring it with you pretty much anywhere (bag/tote/backpack/gym bag).

Other options are available as well!  Check them out!