EnviroKlenz Air SystemPlus is A Serious Air Cleaner


The basic mechanics of an air cleaner is typically a big fan rapidly blowing air through a filter. At the most basic, that is the traditional function. In fact, back in college, I had a friend who sort of built his own air filter using one of those window fans and screens of material.


The EnviroKlenz Air SystemPlus is not one of those fans. This cleaner is a machine for completely changing and cleaning one’s environment. This is the kind of fan one uses when they want to recycle and change the air in their house altogether. It is not an air cleaner to be trifled with. The EnviroKlenz Air SystemPlus cleans out covid-19, bacteria, and even the in-laws- maybe not the inlaws.


The first thing you notice is its massive metal frame, and it is built like a beast. This is basically the hummer of air cleaners. I am pretty darn confident that this thing will not break based on its construction. I’m not saying this as an engineer, I am saying this as a man who has seen tanks and recognizes that this is pretty damn close to a tank.


Internally, it has two sets of UV lights which further clean your air. Most of the cleaners are basically a filter, and that is all, but this thing has these two UV lights cleaning the air. This even has patented EnviroKlenz air cartridges, which are basically even higher quality than regular filters.


I set the filter to full speed, and objectively, it really wasn’t so incredibly loud to be disconcerting. The quiet mode itself was exceptionally quiet and not at all concerning.


But the takeaway is obviously, “how did this thing work? “.  The short answer is that it completely removed the musky smell of my basement in only a few hours. I actually had the urge to carry it around the house and let it spend a few hours in each room. This is the beast of air cleaners and is not to be screwed with.

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