Essentia Water

Kids are playing outdoors most of this summer, whether it be poolside, or on the lacrosse and football fields.  We are making the most of the summer and trying to make up for last year and all the fun things we missed.  You can get thirsty quick and I want my house drinking the best water possible.  I was spoiled this week trying out Essentia Water and now I am totally hooked.

This is supercharged ionized alkaline water that truly lives up to being “the best on earth”.  The cool thing is they can take water from any source and do their magic with it!  Why do I like this water?!?  Because I only want my family consuming the purest ingredients and this product is the definition of that statement.

  1.  It is 99.9% pure and I know this because of their microfiltration and reverse osmosis process they do.
  2. The water contains electrolytes.
  3. They remove any bitter tasting acidic ions with a 9.5 or higher pH level.

They now offer this great 500ml (6) pack that is the perfect size for your beach cooler.  You can grab this brand easily at your neighborhood pharmacy chain store, supermarket or even some health food stores.  Trying this out for yourself is an absolute must.

Check them out.  Think winter/spring/summer/fall!