Fellow Opus Grinder and Stagg EKG Pro Kettle

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As a chef and a coffee lover, I am always on the lookout for equipment that can take my coffee brewing game to the next level. And let me tell you, the Fellow Opus Conical Burr Grinder and the Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour-Over Kettle are good options.

First off, I’ll tell you that the Opus Conical Burr Grinder is replacing a five-year-old, fancy-schmancy, big-hopper burr grinder from a well-known manufacturer. It looked cool and barista-worthy…but it didn’t always grind the same amount of coffee in the same amount of time and, because burr grinding causes static, coffee grounds would end up all over my countertop. The Opus minimizes the amount of mess with anti-static technology and a magnetically aligned catch. It allows you to measure your coffee either by weight or by volume before you grind it by filling the grind hopper each time you grind…a feature I didn’t fully appreciate until after I tried it for a few weeks.

The Opus is sleek and stylish, with a minimalist design that looks great on any countertop. But what really sets this grinder apart is its performance. The conical burrs produce an incredibly consistent grind size. And the precision dial allows you to dial in your desired grind size with ease. Whether you’re grinding for espresso or French press, the Fellow Opus has got you covered.

Now, let’s talk about the Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour-Over Kettle. This is certainly not your average kettle. The sleek matte black finish is eye-catching, and the kettle itself looks and feels like quality engineering and craftsmanship. The variable temperature control allows you to set the exact temperature you want. And the hold function maintains that temperature for up to an hour. And the gooseneck spout and precision pour allow you to pour water exactly where you want it, with no spills or splashes.

On the downside, the Stagg is a smaller kettle than I previously used. Its maximum capacity is approximately a quart which doesn’t fill my largest French press coffee pot. It’s a pity. It looks good on my countertop and is certainly nicer looking than my old kettle. But I’m conflicted! Do I just make a smaller pot of coffee? I guess I can stand to cut down on my caffeine intake…or make coffee twice… Fellow, Make me a bigger kettle, for goodness sake! I’m an American! I enjoy excess!

The Fellow Opus Conical Burr Grinder and the Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pour-Over Kettle are nice additions to my kitchen’s coffee and tea section. These are not cheap pieces of equipment, but they are worth every penny for the quality of the equipment. I do wish the kettle was larger…I guess I’ll keep the ugly kettle too.

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